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16.9.2023 19h30 Einlass  
Klangkörper-Körperklang presents 

                                           Tracy Lisk & Christina Ruf


Tracy Lisk
Tracy Lisk is a percussionist who mainly performs on drum set, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ms. Lisk’s history as a painter informs the substance of her improvisations which contain references to rhythmic structures while maintaining a fluid, suspended continuity. She has collaborated with William Parker, saxophonist Gary Hassay, Andrea Pensado (electronics/voice), dancer Ryuzo Fukuhara (JP, SI), and Mia Zabelka (AU), cellist Helena Espvall (PT), among others.

Ms. Lisk has studied percussion in Salvador, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and performed in, as well as lead percussion ensembles in Philadelphia.

Christina Ruf
„Die 1991 in Linz geborene (E-) Cellistin und Komponistin Christina Ruf arbeitet in

vielen musikalischen Bereichen; sie will sich keine musikalischen Grenzen setzen und

so geht es ihr darum "nicht einfach Cello zu spielen, sondern Musik zu machen". Dafür

lässt Ruf sich von den unterschiedlichsten Klängen und der Ästhetik von Wörtern

inspirieren, integriert das Cello in diesen Kosmos.“ (Marlene Schnedl, Radio Ö1,


„Christina Ruf arbeitet in klanglichen und formativen Dimensionen an und durch ihr

Instrument, die nur noch in Reflexionen ein klassisches Spiel andeuten. Vielmehr

verleiht ihr die Verwendung eines 6-saitigen E-Cellos, diverser Effektpedale und

Elektronik auf Form und Klang einzuwirken, zu manipulieren und zu erweitern, einen

eigenständigen Ausdruck. Oft weite, dunkle Klangflächen konstruierend, schafft sie inihrem Werk mit authentischem Ideenreichtum nicht bloß eine Performance

abzuliefern, sondern zu berühren.“ (Klaus Wohlgemuth)


21.9.2023 19h30 Einlass      

                                                             Velak Gala #127

Ulla Rauter + Stefan Voglsinger

23.9.2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                                  Crash Blooms


1.10.2023 19h30 Einlass                                              
                                                     Javier Areal Vélez

Javier Areal Vélez (Buenos Aires, 1985) is an experimental
music composer, improviser and curator.
His recent work focuses on the creation of AI companions for
the performance of live improvised music. Javier creates
noisy polyrhythms of extra-human complexity that make the
most deformed audiences move. He researches
human+machine collaborations through the use of samples,
synthesis, lights, and mechanical robots.
Additionally, Javier has a long career as performer of
prepared electric guitar. His characteristic style relies
heavily on a primal technique that emphasizes timbre and
rhythm over traditional forms, favoring intensity and dynamic


3.10.2023 19h30 Einlass
Klangkörper-Körperklang presents                                              
                                                     Valentin Duit & Michael Fischer


Michael Fischer – verstärktes Tenorsaxofon
Valentin Duit – Schlagzeug

Radikal frei improvisierte Musik, Vorstellung, Raum, Recherche, Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, mögliche Zukunft, auf den Schwingen des kommunikativen Polylogs im künstlerisch-poetischen Sein.

Michael Fischer, Musiker, Komponist, Kurator arbeitet seit Mitte der 90er Jahre im Bereich der Frei Improvisierten / Experimentellen Musik an feedback- und Tenorsaxofon, ad hoc soundscapes und als Instant Composition Conductor an der Sprachimmanenz von Klängen und deren skulpturaler und dramatischer Evidenz. 1999 begann er das akustische Phänomen Feedback in seine Arbeit zu integrieren und entwickelte in Folge das Feedback-Saxophon, ein analoges


elektroakustisches Instrument; Weiterentwicklung u.a. am ZKM Karlsruhe. Initiator zahlreicher Ensembles, u.a. M. A. D. und BAGG*FISH. 2004 gründete er das Vienna Improvisers Orchestra (u.a. Moers Festival/D, Wien Modern). Zahlreiche Kooperationen mit z.B. John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Irene Schweitzer, William Parker, Burton Greeene, und Künstler:innen/-kollektiven der Bereiche Literatur, Tanz, Performance, visuelle Medien; Festivalauftritte in Europa, Libanon, Kanada, USA und Japan. Seit 2005 Entwicklung des Formats SampleSchwebe für Radio- u. Live-Setting zur Zusammenarbeit mit Autor:innen experimenteller Textformen (Ö1 Kunstradio, Festival Sprachsalz, Literaturhäuser, USA Tournee). Ad hoc Dirigate für zahlreiche internat. Improvisationsorchester u. temporäre Großensembles für Festivals und Universitäten, sowie Guest-Lectures zu Instant Composition Conducting, Freier Improvisation, Beziehung von Sprache und Klang an der Johns Hopkins Univ. Maryland, Univ. of California Irvine, Musikuniv. Wien, Bruckner Univ. Linz, Univ. f. Angewandte Kunst Wien, Janáček-Akademie f. Musik u. Darst. Kunst Brno, Univ. of Montenegro Music Academy u.a..


Valentin Duit (*1992) studiert(e) das Schlagzeugspiel in Wien und Luzern und ist an diversen Bands und Projekten beteiligt, darunter Dsilton, Gnigler/Duit, Harry Pepl (tape) & The (Lonely) Single Swinger Band, Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, Coastline Paradox und das Tobias Meissl Trio. Er veröffentlichte bei den Wiener Labels Freifeld und Rote Welt Records bisher zwei Solo-CDs, die die Namen Mashevene und Ese-Udu tragen und Soloschlagzeug- beziehungsweise elektronische Musik enthalten.


6.10.2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                                                     Nuances d’engrais
                                            & ANTIMATTER (xopher d)

Accou takes listeners on a journey through a dreamlike and otherworldly soundscape. His music fuses digital reveries, tribal flavors, and ethereal voices that evoke a sense of timelessness. Through a collage of field recordings and a hypnotic interplay of synthesizers, Accou weaves a flamboyant yet delusional pilgrimage of a marauder on the edges of forthcoming enlightenment. His music is charged with psychedelic textures that transport you to a world where reality and fantasy meld in a symphony of sound. Accou has worked with cassette tapes and synthesizers to create drones and moods. Recently, he has started incorporating more dynamic rhythms and structures into his compositions. Although his music has become faster and more digital, it still remains in that spatial universe where time gets lost in the textures and layering of sounds. Accou's music invites listeners to travel to an imaginary and poetic world where dreams and reality merge in a unique symphony.



Soloproject Nuances d’engrais (Leipzig)

Nuances d'engrais is the solo project of Teddy Larue. Teddy Larue's artworks are based on a critical approach of listening to our social world and reality, questioning the documentation of space by approaching listening with a cultural, social or narrative angle. Since 2013, Teddy Larue has been active in the experimental music scene and has given performances in Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic and Poland.  With his solo project Nuances d'engrais, this Leipzig-based artist creates deep bass, layers of dark abstract soundscapes, and bright granular sound collages with dancing rhythms and hypnotic dronish atmospheres. He uses a sampler, field recording, granular techniques, generative rhythm, and FX chains in an improvised, live machine performance. His music is released on the label EZ, and on Unse Record with his duo, Multipolar. Currently, he is also working on live ambisonic sound environments that interpret a digital world within a speculative dystopian future in a state of crisis brought on by climate catastrophe, war, acceleration, alienation, and capitalism.


ANTIMATTER is the sound recording of Christopher [aka.Xopher] Davidson : an ongoing exploration into the material of sound, from nearly imperceivable subatomic drift to massive subharmonic long waves . He has performed as a member of the groups Citizen Band, Circular Firing Squad, Splendor Generator, and 45/102. As mixure151 he has mixed / mastered an extensive catalog of sound works ranging from Marcel Duchamp to Iannis Xenakis. His collaborations with Zbigniew Karkowski include the seminal low frequency treatise Function Generator, KHz, Divide by Zero, & Processor. His solo albums include: Transfixion, Antimatter Vs. Antimatter, Our Lady of the Skies, and Reset, and Lux Perpetua.  deconstruct, deprogram, degauss, derail, decalibrate.


12.10.2023 19h30 Einlass 
Marina Poleukhina - Alexander Chernyshkov - Aleksey Sysoev

marina klein.jpg

Aleksey Sysoev - digital electronics, no-input mixing board.
Alexander Chernyshkov - relay, voice,
Marina Poleukhina - expressive objects

will play together a brooding and spicy noise full of unpredictable twists and turns.

Full of warmth and loneliness, craziness and love Composer and improviser Alexey Sysoev was born in 1972 and now lives in Moscow. Formerly a jazz pianist, he now seeks inspiration in more experimental improvisational fields. His interests include not only experimental electronics, but also textual scores based on the principles of situational interaction between musicians. Thus, his series of improvisational scores "Wallpapers", which develop various principles of individual strategic planning and dialog within the ensemble, has gained wide recognition. Alexey cooperated with such musicians as Vladimir Tarasov (Lithuania), Sachiko M (Japan), Toshimaru Nakamura (Japan), Boris Baltschun and "The Pitch Quartet", Burkhard Beins, Andrea Neumann, Boris Baltschun, Liz Allbee (Germany) etc. He's music was released on labels: "Creative Sources", "FancyMusic", "ТОПОТ", "Spina! Rec", "Intonema", "Dinzu Artefacts", "Archive Officielle Publications", “Kotä".
Alexander Chernyshkov is a composer, performer and improviser. He actively experiments with new vibrating sources and his main focus is the composition and practice of the performative, musical theatre based on interdisciplinarity between methods and genres, which is being referred as ERROR THEATER. His pieces were commissioned and performed in theatres and festivals like Hamburg State Opera, Elektrotheater Stanislavsky (Moscow), Musiktheatertage Vienna, Steirischer Herbst in Graz, Teatro alle Tese in Venice, Tempo reale, Biennale di Venezia Musica, Steirischer Herbst
Marina Poleukhina is composer and improviser. The focus of her artistical attention lies in an interdisciplinary work. Her music unite a creation of a world that goes beyond only sounds. It connects movement, light, video projections on unusual surfaces, manipulation of ordinary devices that make them become instruments, objects that create their own space. This evolves into new and unexplored acoustical situations of an intense complexity. A territory made of crossroads of genres. Her music is played on festivals: Ultima (Oslo), Wien Modern (Vienna), Path Festival (Verona), MATA (New York) and others. She works with ensembles such as Nadar, MCME, Nostri Temporis, Looptail, Zwerm, Platypus, Airborne Extended, Curious chamber; musicians such as Jennifer Torrence, Alexander Chernyshkov, Alessandro Baticci, Stefan Voglsinger, Tomomi Adachi, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Didi Kern, Franz Hautzinger, Kirill Shirokov; with choreographers such as Johanna Nielsen, Paul Wenninger, Agnes Schneidewind. To see and listen

MadLane: Soundartistin, Performerin, Vocalistin

Nina B.: Freischaffende Künstlerin (

Johanna Schlömicher: Soundartistin, Performerin (

Peta Klotzberg: performance + klangkunst / LIQUIDinfinity 

Zum ersten Mal in dieser Konstellation auf der Bühne gehen die vier Performerinnen auf Klangreise und geben sich dabei die Klinke in die Hand.

Francesca Naibo, guitarist from Vittorio
Veneto (Italy) based in Milan, moves fluently
across all the different conjugations
of the guitar, from the classic, the electric,
to the fretless and the pedal steel. Involved
in the research for solo performance,
she is focused on exploring sound
in the divergent yet sonically similar fields
of free improvisation, contemporary music
and classical repertoire. She's particularly
interested in using both the acoustic and
the electric nature of her instrument, adventuring
from roaring drones till microscopic
She studied in Venice, Milan, Bern and
Basel graduating in classical guitar and
free improvisation, and built collaborations
with many European musicians, especially
over Central and Northern Europe.
She worked with important composers like
Helmut Lachenmann and George Lewis
and she realized the transcription of the
“Exercises in Futility” by and in collaboration
with Marc Ribot. Besides her artistic
activity, Francesca is a passionate teacher
at the middle school “R. Franceschi” in

francesca naibo.jpg
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