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Luca Atzori & Michele Poli

Overtone singing is a widespread tradition throughout the world, especially in pastoral areas. Diplophonies, resonances and harmonies are created with the voice. In this concert Luca Atzori's songs will be accompanied by the music of Michele Poli.







Federico Isasti

Drums & Composition
Mariano Sarra
Piano & Composition

NUDO is an original music duo made up of piano and drums that intends to
investigate the possible sounds of its orchestration. The languages of jazz,
contemporary music and free improvisation are articulated as influences within
the ensemble, allowing an aesthetic identity of indeterminate contours between
written and improvised music.

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mariano sarra.jpg

10.5.2024 19h30 Einlass
                                                           Felix-Florian Tödtloff

David Meier
, drums

Laurent Estoppey, saxophone

Immanuel de Souza, guitare 

Benoit Moreau, organ, electronics

Between experimental music, rock and instrumental rap, Rabasta plays compositions by Benoit Moreau in which improvisation is always involved. This Swiss group was created recently and has already a great activity with concerts and collaborations (Contrechamps from Geneva, rap artist La Gale), a double vinyl is going to be released soon on Speckled Toshe.


Felix -Florian Tödtloff
Berlin-based experimental musician, Felix-Florian Tödtloff, often performing under the name Sferics, started as a solo artist, improvising frippertronics loops on an electric guitar. Over time, he incorporated layers of subtractive synthesiser drones, percussion, and processed field recordings, expanding his musical vocabulary and leaning towards more compositional techniques.

felix florian10.jpg

Abstract Household Warfare is a collaboration between two prolific Hungarian sound artists. On one side of the table, the noise warlock Rovar17 and Xpldnglke (aka the rhythmic hermit of Rákoshegy). The soundscapes initially created by electronic duo glide somewhere between catatonic phantom noises and pulsating rhythms on the thin ice of sound samples contaminated with fragments of pain. It's nothing but a never-ending struggle, an eternal battle for control of the mixer on the first morning after the lobotomy.


Psychedelic Rainbow Warrior Peace Force puts a wormhole in your mind with a galactic power punch. Then, they shoot through it with their musical palette of chill vaporwave and pumping hard techno. Cosmic rhythms, space-warping bass lines and psychedelic monstrosity straight outta the deepest cracks of Youtube.

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