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Simon Rose is a freelance musician and independent researcher, author from London, based in Berlin. He performs on baritone and alto saxophones in numerous collaborations and as soloist. He also collaborates beyond music with dancers, visual artists, mixed media, built instruments, site specific performance and more. His research interest is in creative processes.

Didi Kern muss hier nicht vorgestellt werden....


Of Franco-Moroccan origin, Sophia Djebel Rose discovered an interest in poetry from an early age. As a child, she claims to become a writer, to express the beauty of the land, the one she keeps leaving, in a permanent exile specific to a childhood shared between two countries. Later she began studying literature and philosophy. But when at the age of 23 she graduates to teach, she decides to leave everything for a nomadic life. Take the risk, be radical, still taste the dust of the road. Because in the end, what she retains from these studious years is that poetry only has meaning if it is realized in action. From this radical and life-saving choice, a few years of wandering ensued. Sophia travels through Europe, the Maghreb and the Near East where she performs with the folk duo An Eagle in your Mind in which she sings and plays the Indian harmonium. Without musical training or any


experience, it is instinct and faith that for her guide creation. She learns the profession of singer on the job. From turkish and elsewhere's undergrounds clubs Sophia retains a taste for the possible and an unfailing love for the margins. When, pushed by the need and the desire to experiment, Sophia goes solo, it will be accompanied by a guitar that she will compose her first songs, in French. In 2020 Sophia Djebel Rose releases two titles on the English label Reverb Worship specializing in ultra-limited editions of folk gems. In 2022 Sophia self-produced her first album Métempsycose. Recorded in France, on the high plateaus of the Massif Central where she finally found refuge, the album delivers this light specific to the summits in which it was born. The arpeggios of a guitar mix with the bareness of a voice that sings of black forests and clear waters, the seasons, death, revolt and love. Between asphalt and wide open spaces Sophia sings of the grief of a nocturnal fauna whose hopes are fomented in squats and concert halls. If it would be tempting to speak of folk to characterize her work, the music of Sophia Djebel Rose falls rather in the wake of free-spirited and avant-garde women who have never ceased to explode the boundaries of style. To name a few: Catherine Ribeiro, Buffy Sainte Marie, PJ Harvey, Nico and Emma Ruth Rundle

Raoul Eden
Lyrical Instrumental Guitar.


Raoul Eden offers an instrumental guitar set with 6 and 12 strings punctuated by slide dobro and modular drone.

His style is rooted in a primitive psychedelic blues open to the sounds of the Middle East, classical lyricism and Indian ragga.His guitar playing digs as much into repetitive and ecstatic structures as into quasi-improvised free forms; and borders on a journey beyond reality and through illusions.

raoul eden.jpg

Hary Wetterstein - Gitarre, Stimme, E-Bow, Loops

Pedro DuAhrt, Musiker aus Portugal, hat 12 Jahre in Wien gelebt, 7 Jahre davon, zur Wetterstein-Musik, die psychedelische Basis und die polymelodische Komponente entwickelt, kommt für dieses Konzert wieder nach Wien und wird mit seinem außergewöhnlichen Flötenspiel bezaubern.
Wetterstein spielt auf seinen Sitarren, aus eigener Werkstatt.

PetraOm – Groove, Sounds, Monochord

Wetterstein spielt auf seinen Sitarren, aus eigener Werkstatt.
PetraOm ist für die digitalen Grooves und Beats und spacigen Sounds zuständig, dazu erklingen manchmal das Monochord oder die Stimme.

Meditativ trance-ige Sequenzen und rhythmisch tanzbare Passagen lösen einander ab und nehmen den aufmerksamen Zuhörer mit, auf eine Reise in andere Welten.

hary petra.jpg

*IPPIO PAYO* is the alter ego of Munich guitarist Josip Pavlov. Curently playing with Martin Lehmann on trumpet. Instrumental compositions for string instruments and trumpet melt into a polyrythmic web. A hypnotic and narative one!


Musique bruitiste, Ambient, Contemporary, Radical Improvisation: conceiving sound production as a vibrating and living space where sounds and performative gestures mix and blur.
Saite is a trio formed by
Cécile Delzant on Violin (FR),
Ivan Bringas on Guitarra Expansiva (MEX),
and Filippo GIllono on Acoustic Guitar (IT), signalling the meeting of three personas, sublimated into a timbrical research with the focus on the decontextualization of the object, both as musical instrument and as mundane every-day thing, in the sonic and physical space.


Jukka Kääriäinen is a musician and sound artist based in Helsinki Finland. Jukka is specialized in the field of experimental music and arts and is an active performer in the Finnish scene of improvised and contemporary music. He has collaborated with musicians like: Teppo Hauta-aho, Kalle Kalima, Harri Sjöström, Veli Kujala, Paul Pignon, Mikko Innanen, Lauri Hyvärinen, Rieko Okuda, Pauli Lyytinen and Emilio Gordoa. I've also appeared on international festivals such as: Sipoon Äänet Festival (2022, Sipoo), Jauna Musika Festival (2021, Vilna), Kontula


Electronic (2020, Helsinki), Sola-festivaali (2019, Helsinki), Klang Keller Fest (2019, Berlin), Musica Nova (2019, Helsinki). Jukka has featured on several recordings to name a few: 2018 Teppo Hauta-aho & Jukka Kääriäinen - Winter Suite, Creative Sourves Records and 2017 Kalmisto Trio – Meeting, Karkia Mistika Records. During the year 2022 Jukka released 5 solo albums: "still haven't got the humor", "Rust", "Saari" "Reverence" and "Häiriö". Also albums "I" ja "II" with Sähkökitarakvartetti and album "Radial" with Guillaume Gargaud. Addition to albums, with Annika Fuhrmann I've cocomposed three sound art compositions comissioned by Finnish National Radio Yle1 "Sumu", "Pyörät ne pyörivät ympäri" ja "Otteita Karanteeniäänipäiväkirjasta".

Etienne Nillesen - snare drum Alexander Chernyshkov - reley, objects

Marina Poleukhina - expressive objects

The music of Etienne Nillesen, despite its minimalist approach, achieves a remarkable complexity of sound. Each meticulously crafted note and nuance demands undivided attention and concentration from both the performer and the listener, fostering a deep connection between the two. Through a combination of traditional and extended techniques, he unveils an array of unexplored and unexpected sonic dimensions within the seemingly limited realm of the snare drum.

In addition to his solo concerts, his interest in diverse forms of music and art has given him the opportunity to work alongside artists and composers such as Nate Wooley, Axel Dörner, Christian Wolff, Ingar Zach, Christian Wallumrød, Sarah Davachi, MichaelThieke, Marta Warelis, Rudi Mahall, Magda Mayas, Lotte Anker, Lester St.Louis, Elena Rykova, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Christian Wolfarth, Maya Bennardo, Finn Loxbo, Ryan Packard, Anne La Berge, Kristofer Svensson, Wolter Wierbos, Katherine Young, Eric Wubbels, Sofia Jernberg, Nick Dunston, Kaja Draksler, Sam Pluta, Weston Olencki, Madison Greenstone, Ruud Roelofsen and Zeynep Toraman.



Alexander Chernyshkov is a composer, performer and improviser. He actively

experiments with new vibrating sources and his main focus is the composition and practice of the performative, musical theatre based on interdisciplinarity between methods and genres, which is being referred as ERROR THEATER. His pieces were commissioned and performed in theatres and festivals like Hamburg State Opera, Elektrotheater Stanislavsky

(Moscow), Musiktheatertage Vienna, Steirischer Herbst in Graz, Teatro alle Tese in Venice, Tempo reale, Biennale di Venezia Musica, Steirischer Herbst.


Marina Poleukhina

is composer and improviser.

The focus of her artistical attention lies in an interdisciplinary work. Her music unite a

creation of a world that goes beyond only sounds. It connects movement, light, video

projections on unusual surfaces, manipulation of ordinary devices that make them become instruments, objects that create their own space. This evolves into new and unexplored acoustical situations of an intense complexity. A territory made of crossroads of genres.

Her music is played on festivals: Ultima (Oslo), Wien Modern (Vienna), Path Festival

(Verona), MATA (New York) and others. She works with ensembles such as Nadar,

MCME, Nostri Temporis, Looptail, Zwerm, Platypus, Airborne Extended, Curious chamber;

musicians such as Jennifer Torrence, Alexander Chernyshkov, Alessandro Baticci, Stefan Voglsinger, Tomomi Adachi, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Didi Kern, Franz Hautzinger, Kirill

Shirokov; with choreographers such as Johanna Nielsen, Paul Wenninger, Agnes

Schneidewind. To see and listen

etienne kl.jpg
alexander chernyshkov_(c)Erene IIeri k.jpg
marina kl.jpg

15.2.2024 19h30 Einlass
                                                                 Free Forms

Alle Künstler*innen/Personen die vorort sind, stellen bis 19 uhr die Formationen und das Lineup des Abends zusammen.
Wünsche, Konzepte & Ideen könnt ihr uns auch vorab mitteilen.

All artists/persons who are on site put together the formations and the lineup of the evening until 7 pm. you can also tell us your wishes, concepts & ideas in advance.

Ein freier Dialog der Kreativen : Tänzer*innen, Musiker*innen, Maler*innen, Poet*innen und dem Publikum ; das nicht existente JETZT greift auf Raum und Zeit zu. die FREIE KOMMUNIKATION rückt ins Zentrum.
Frei Sm sinne von in „Augenhöhe, in gegenseitiger Akzeptanz; Hierarchie befreit bzw. befreiend“, offen kommunizierend und Grenzen überschreitend. FREE FORMS ist offen für alle Genres soferne sie sich dem freien, offenen, kreativen Dialog aussetzen wollen.


17.2.2024 19h30 Einlass
                                                                 El Chico Fuendre

El Chico Fuendre is a Vilnius-based electronic music group that consists of three performers: two composers and a chemist. El Chico Fuendre formed in 2020 and through the years the group has released 4 albums, and gained sympathy from Lithuanian listeners through the diversity of music genres in their works. That being said the group has searched for its sound through a multitude of styles ranging from hip-hop, to french disco, to indie dance, however as the artists mature creatively the trio seems to find it's unique voice in something that could be called contemporary psychedelic pastoral electronic music.

El Chico Fuendre has performed their music not only in live electronic shows, but also in multidisciplinary projects.

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