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4. Mai 2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                                Wash Club & Julia Justact


Straight out of sink; Wash Club is a shapeshifting electronic duo consisting of Gabor Kovacs (Uj Bala) and Daniel Dariel (Umarell Zdaura/Désolè) from Brussels. Operating on the hybrid territories of analog and digital; their music is a polyrhythmic abstraction of glitch, dub, noise and everything in between.


Julia Justs sound is an interweaving of organic, atmospherically dense soundscapes with cranky, subtle, reverberant, pulsating and droning sounds. Field recordings, modular synthesizers, digital effect chains and granular synthesis are used to create abstract and haunting compositions at the intersection of post-industrial, dark-ambient and electroacoustic music.


6. Mai 2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                     Abstract Household Warfare

Abstract Household Warfare is a collaboration between two prolific Hungarian sound artists. The industrial noise warlock Rovar17 and the rhythmic hermit Xpldnglke. Together the duo creates soundscapes that exists somewhere between catatonic phantom noises and stimulating beats. It's all an eternal struggle for the control over the mixer, or just infinite loops of the secular idleness at the first morning after lobotomy.

Etceteral are a Slovenian experimental trio (saxophone & electronics, drums, visuals) who create a propulsive, polyrhythmic futurist jazz. It is a sound marked by abstract modular explorations, hypnotic drumming, ricocheted horn textures and crystalline production. Interzones between Dub, Krautrock, Afro-rhythms, free improvisation and quantized electronic music are brightly lit on this thrilling album.

"Slovenian future-jazz-tronicatrio’s quixotic second album… makes for intriguing listening, as the trio’s playing doesn't settle for too long into anything overly comfortable. There’s a prickliness to tracks like “Rome Burns": even when they fall into a propulsive groove, with Radiophonic Workshop glitches orbiting the drummer's relentless drive, something will start to gnaw at the music's spine, or try to topple the construction.” 7/10 UNCUT


20. Mai 2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                                  Jacopo Bu


Jacopo Buda is an italian trumpet player focused on research music and sound art, and also organizer of The Cave, research-music festival in collaboration also with Demetrio Cecchitelli and USMA radio, directed by Roberto Paci Dalò. 

His language mainly explores the possibilities that come from the encounter between the trumpet and it's processing and manipulation in real-time through the use of hardware effects – as well as the use and sampling of concrete objects, drums and rattles, always in real time.   


The sound aesthetic of the performance gives life to soundscapes, sound textures, melodies and gestures in which the acoustic world is constantly changing, carrying the listener into new sound narratives.



 (experimental, minimal, noise, impro, auto-composition) 

Reading and writing the unwritten onto digital papyrus 

Deciphering the unintentional 

Careful assembly of invisible particles

creating audible pavements

piece by piece, invisible mosaics 

Low level literature is a Pd ( PureData ) based live-music project. 


Ben Wesch - Electronics

Daniel Bierdümpfl - guitar, fx, prepared sounding objects


22. Mai 2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                                Jesper Nordberg Trio
                                                                                   Sunk Heaven

Jesper Nordberg Trio is a group based in Copenhagen (DK) and Malmö (SE), consisting of double bass player Jesper Nordberg,

violinist Stefan Pöntinen and

trumpetist Ruhi Erdogan.
With Nordberg's compositions as a starting point, the trio's music is characterized by close interplay and radical shifts between different atmospheres, with elements ranging from experimental improvisation, Balkan music, Scandinavian folklore, jazz and expressionism.


jesper nb tr.jpg

Jesper Nordberg's warm tone and rhythmic displacements meet Ruhi's trumpet, giving the listener associations to everything from Miles Davis to a Turkish village wedding and with Stefan's brave and innovative violin a unique musical landscape is depicted.

Jesper Nordberg Trio - Arytmi (live):

Jesper Nordberg SOLO  (album):

Sunk Heaven is the solo project of Austin Sley Julian, who also performs in the contemporary no-wavish band Sediment Club, based out of New York City. Sunk Heaven is building and breaking instruments to construct a temporary outcry, sunk deep into a metallic disfigurement.


27. Mai 2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                      PHILIPP QUEHENBERGER & DIDI KERN

Der Keyboarder PHILIPP QUEHENBERGER und der Drummer DIDI KERN (BULBUL, FUCKHEAD) sind seit mehr als zwei Dekaden als Duo aktiv. Bekannt für ihre ekstatischen Live-Shows liefern sie den besten Beweis, dass sich freie Improvisation nicht auf ein Genre beschränken muss, sondern vielmehr die Möglichkeit bietet, unterschiedlichste musikalische Sprachen zu verschmelzen. Im Fall von KERN/QUEHENBERGER reicht das Spektrum von Punk zu Free Jazz, von Techno zu Krautrock, von Grindcore zu Avant-Pop. Hier wird gedroschen, berzerkert, gerackert und beackert bis die Fetzen fliegen. Die Energie, die hier freigesetzt wird, übersetzt sich quer durch alle Szenen. Folglich gibt es von der Kunstgalerie bis zum besetzten Haus kaum einen Ort, den das Duo nicht schon bespielt hätte. (text: Shilla Strelka)

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