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25. März 2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                        Demetrio Cecchitelli                   
                                                                Hubnuti Rizene Pocitacem


Demetrio Cecchitelli (b. 1997) is a research musician and composer, mainly active in the
fields of ambient and electroacoustic music. Released worldwide on numerous record labels
across Europe, United States, Russia and Japan. Performed in prominent contexts of the
international electronic music scene. Collaborated, as sound designer, in the macro-area of
performing arts with theatre company Motus (for "Everything Burns" trilogy) and NicoNote
("REGOLA"), among others.

Hubnutí Řízené Počítačem

(can be translated as Losing weight directed by computer) is the band located in Prague. Started as improvising trio it developed into four-piece band playing jams, cover and their own compositions. Unifying word for its production could be communication, so come to see how piano (Štěpán Dvořáček), bass (Pavel Novotný), trumpet (Štěpán Hruška) and drums (Jakub Šulík) are talking to each other.


1. April 2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                                              Mirian Kolev

is experimental drone ambient project. On live performances use processed guitar, running through software effects, authentic(original) samples, real time loops and some other non-traditional staff/instruments. Since start playing live, he did over 150 shows all around Europe and Asia at diffenert kind of spaces - from intimate performances in small art cafes, through galleries, cultural centers, music clubs, art, film and music festivals to shows in cathedrals, caves, airports. Also doing collaborative performances with other musicians, performers, dancers, visual artists. Every place is unique, so every performance is unique.

mirian klein.jpg

19. April 2023 19h30 Einlass 
                                   i.o (Maxwell Patterson)
                                                          Klamm & Pelikan (CZ)

                                                                                   Giorgio Alloatti  

i.o is the artist name of Maxwell Patterson; drummer, guitarist, composer Maxwell lives in Victoria, BC, Canada. i.o has currently released over 200 records; including the 104-hour-long album Injecting Logic. i.o’s drumming has been described as “mind-numbing,” “masterful,” “elastic-limbed,” and the overwhelming volume of his discography is only matched by his relentless live sets and DIY touring pace. i.o has released records on labels such as New York's PTP, Quantum Natives, Montreal's Editions Apparent  and Hong Kong based Absurd Trax.

(Live Video)
(Social Media)

Jan Klamm and Patrik Pelikan, both members of Prague-based free impro trio Ruinu, have developed their approach to sound and improvisation with a deep belief that everything has to be taken apart and interrupted. They use electronic, wind and string instruments or variable amplified objects but they focus on tape manipulations foremost – they record the ongoing sounds not to create a background for the forthcoming action but for the opportunity to rewind, re-record and fragment everything that has been taped. In past years they have been collaborating with Copenhagen-based experimental musician and film-maker Martin Klapper and Tom Smith, expressive vocalist best-known for his long-standing project To Live & Shave in LA.



Klamm klein.jpg

M_oo (or Mo_o or even Moo_ and all its variations) also known as Giorgio Alloatti, founding member of the collective AudioHackLab and Yellows. He creates music by controlling voltages untangling in tangles of patch cables, devoted to creative coding made in puredata, arduino boards, orca and max/msp/gen. Born in Turin in 1984, he has been performing since 2007 touring across half of Europe. He lives by analogical expedients and digital substances and loves to scream in small black boxes or naked circuits. His sound moves between drone, harsh noise, ambient, broken beats and algorave.


22. April 2023 19h30 Einlass 
                               Shinomon Taj (Clemens Poole & Leo Trotzenko)

The group was founded in early 2019 based on a ''waking'' dream of one of the participants. The name is emotionally related to children's play. In terms of personnel, we are not the most stable. In the trailer for the concert at the Prague club Potrvá from the beginning of February 2020, the organizer almost visionarily wrote: Skovka (CZ)
The new sound-movement-visual project Skovka has the potential to function as a boost for all those who are already getting bored with the "middle stream" of free improvisation and experimental music, consisting mainly of cultured white heterosexual men between forty and death. The performance of Skovka, whose line-up includes three members of the group Zabloudil(a), is based on the connection of the hard to imagine: The sound component consists of a confrontation of an analog synthesizer with acoustic guitar and singing, dancers intertwine with dancers who could be used in modern expressive dance and retro disco, but also in the series Twin Peaks Town, and the overall atmosphere is illustrated by the visualist through a live projection projected onto the white clothes of the performers. Skovka comes across as something between a Christian band and a murderous sect, and it is no coincidence that it has appeared, like Manson's Family, on the border of decades. What awaits us in the new decade?

PGR TZII - Funkographer (sRVB - 72dpi - 1920px)-4.jpg

Shinomon Taj:
Clemens Poole  & Leo Trotzenko
kreieren aus vielveältigsten Soundschnipsel gepaart mit Synthesizer- und E-Gitarrenklängen noisige Klangcollagen.

USNU? – Harsh noise, Brno
One man project from Brno performing harsh noise inspired

by noise core made by piezo-microphones, standard

effects and home-made  instruments including toys.

Energy, anger, agression and noise with funny grace.

On the scene since 2015
USNU? | Usnu? | Chrup (
Usnu? - live at HlukovÆ Mysteria festival 2021 - YouTube
Usnu? - Defibrylator Fest. vol.8 (excerpt) - YouTube
USNU? live at Punctum on Vimeo
2020_09_18 - USNU? - Ne (Fiducia Ostrava) - YouTube

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