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Julius Gabriel is a saxophonist whose work delves into the boundaries and intricacies of his instruments. He explores the dynamic interplay between corporeality, acoustics, transcendence, and hypnosis. His musical foundation is deeply rooted in improvisation, drawing inspiration from an eclectic spectrum of genres, including jazz, folk, classical, psychedelic, noise, minimalism, drone, and ambient music.





Live at Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, 2023, Saorge, France:


Live at Passos Manuel, 2023, Porto, Portugal:


Live at Morphine Raum, 2023, Berlin, Germany:

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Lenhart Tapes


Lenhart Tapes is a one-man-cassette-tape-manipulator and he has been mostly known for his live, striking and unforgettable live performances. Yes, walkmans are his musical instruments, and he does a live mix of selected material from his cassette collection on top of the original rhythmic loops.

As music experts say, the thing Lenhart Tapes does is a sophisticated and wild world-noise-ethno-industrial-folk zombie musical genre. He has been a passionate collector of audio cassettes for a very long time. Field recordings, rare folk music, spoken word and sound propaganda material, various musical genre albums – you name it, he probably has it. Before he ventured into a solo project, he was playing music in underground bands in Serbia. And then, in October 2010, Lenhart Tapes was born.

Their second album Dens was released for the Glitterbeat Records in November last year, reviews were great but arguably Lenhart Tapes are even better live when Vladimir is accompanied by one of the singers with whom he recorded the album. He will be accompanied by Zoja Borovčanin this time, after folk tunes, groovy rhythms and screechy noises became their liaison. Once again, they will venture together into soundscapes of obscure ideas and sounds.

Lenhart Tapes - Dens (1000kl).jpg

5.4.2024 achtung bereits 18h30 Einlass
Dronau Canal:
Stoned To Death
Andrea Silvia Giordano: exapist euforia

Stoned To Death 2024 Spring Tour

Michiu / Durasko (magic duo)

Son of Buzzi (guitar soli / american primitive / Mixed Electronics)

Polonius (freejazz / electronic dancehall

Kult Masek (modular synth)








Andrea Silvia Giordano
exapist euforia

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Alle Künstler*innen/Personen die vorort sind, stellen bis 19 uhr die Formationen und das Lineup des Abends zusammen.
Wünsche, Konzepte & Ideen könnt ihr uns auch vorab mitteilen.

All artists/persons who are on site put together the formations and the lineup of the evening until 7 pm. you can also tell us your wishes, concepts & ideas in advance.

Ein freier Dialog der Kreativen : Tänzer*innen, Musiker*innen, Maler*innen, Poet*innen und dem Publikum ; das nicht existente JETZT greift auf Raum und Zeit zu. die FREIE KOMMUNIKATION rückt ins Zentrum.
Frei Sm sinne von in „Augenhöhe, in gegenseitiger Akzeptanz; Hierarchie befreit bzw. befreiend“, offen kommunizierend und Grenzen überschreitend. FREE FORMS ist offen für alle Genres soferne sie sich dem freien, offenen, kreativen Dialog aussetzen wollen.

13.4.2024 19h30 Einlass
                                        Lisa Hofmanninger & Je. Jesch
                                                                Zeynep & Christopher Cox

Lisa Hofmanninger.
Die in Vöcklabruck geborene Sopransaxophonistin, Bassklarinettistin, Komponistin und Pädagogin versteht sich als Weltenbummlerin, sowohl im musikalischen als auch geografischen Sinne. Sie studierte Jazzsaxophon an der Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz bei Harald Sokal, Florian Bramböck und Andreas Schreiber und am Pôle Supérieur Paris-Boulogne Billancourt in Paris bei Jean-Charles Richard und schloss 2017 die Masterprüfung mit Auszeichnung ab.

Ihre eigenen Projekte sind hauptsächlich im breiten Feld des Jazz und improvisierter Musik angesiedelt, doch scheut sie nicht, Ausflüge in andere für sie spannende Felder zu unternehmen. Darunter zählen: CHUFFDRONE, DUO hofmaninger/schwarz, you promised me poems, First Gig Never Happened, Little Rosies Kindergarten und das Duo mit ihrem Partner Alexander Fitzthum. Ebenso ist sie als Side-Woman sehr gefragt, u.A. Gina Schwarz’ Pannonica, Christian Muthspiel’s Orjazztra Vienna und dem Vienna Improvisers Orchestra und temporär in Theater-und Tanzprojekten wie: Toxic Dreams, swaying, Musiktheatertage Wien, tätig.

Je. Jesch

Artistic works in between installation, performance and sculpture.  Searching for magic moments and surrealistic experiences.

Sapient Paradox 


Zeynep Sarikartal 
Christopher Cox

Jakup Svejnar 
Sapient Paradox
Built in 2023 by Christopher Cox (amplified trombone), Jakub Svejnar (amplified drums) and Zeynep Sarikartal (electronics and keys), Sapient Paradox is taking its first journey within Europe with a small tour in Amsterdam (SOTU Festival), and Vienna (Vekks). The band aims not only to bring together their own personal experiences on improvised music as professional
musicians but also to experiment within a specific concept.
The trio came together after the invitation of Christopher Cox, who played with the drummer Jakub Svejnar and Zeynep Sarikartal on electronics, in different settings yet never as a trio
before. Cox`s new discoveries and experimentations on amplified trombone as one of the pioneers of 80`s and 90`s avant-garde free jazz players in the US, led him to work with many
young professionals who use various techniques of amplification on acoustic instruments and the ones who work only with electronics or electroacoustics in the most experimental sense. Cox met Svejnar in Prag for a session and Sarikartal in Vienna spontaneously during his solo gig where she started to play with his effect rack. After that Cox came to the idea of bringing Svejnar and Sarikartal together in a trio format for recording sessions and a small tour in EU.
All artists coming from different backgrounds and musical styles, they will merge their knowledge and skills in electroacoustics and free jazz together with underground electronic music genres such as „base music‟ or „core‟ in the most general sense. More specifically, the trio will serve a cocktail of glitchy polyrhythms, some taste of harsh noise, drone, breakcore, jungle,
together with the richest harmonies and resonances that will be led by Cox, within a thematic focus given on human beings‟ self-destructive way of survival, that is a reference to David
Graeber‟s recent reflexions on the long existing anthropological concept known as the „sapient paradox‟.

Lisa Hofmaninger_1kl.jpg

16.4.2024 19h30 Einlass

         Wilf Amis & Alec Gordon & Martin Hurych & František Hruška

Wilf Amis 

Wilf Amis (they/them) is a Hague-based London-born composer, improviser, synth designer and writer. You can expect microtonal synth nerdery, well-disguised bad singing, textural plunderphonics, arhythmic breaks and blown out kicks. Recently they have been rethinking everything through a cybernetic lens and so they are now more annoying to talk to but at least their methods of synth patching are more efficient at crunching complexity.


Alec Gordon
Gobi_10k (alec gordon) is a Scottish sound artist who currently lives and works in Den Haag, Netherlands. Gobi_10k’s music is concerned primarily with noise in a variety of “saturated” states, driving noise through numerous cycles of feedback, often using frequencies that occupy the entire range of human hearing.


Martin Hurych 

Martin Hurych
is a sound artist, architect, and curator based in The Hague (NL) and Lubná (CZ). He works with field and documentary recordings, makes codes and synths, creates installations and platforms. The artist is known for a certain amount of exaggeration and warm humor, but at the same time he is sensitive to social problems. As a curator, he collaborates with a young generation of artists moving across genres of visual art, film, sound art, and music. Hurych is a co-founder and curator of the Přespolní association, organizing a cultural programme in the countryside of the Czech Republic (since 2017). He is also currently a research associate at the Institute of Sonology (since 2022).


František Hruška (Ostrava, 1998)
is a sound artist, musician, composer, inventor of sound devices and poet. He studied Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, The Netherlands. František devotes himself to sound and music in wide and different contexts and forms, however, František Hruška's live improvised sound-light performances focus mainly on the concepts of playfulness in music, issues of communication, and sound ecology. He plays on the listener's imagination and on analog electronic instruments, most often of his own making. From organic analog abstraction, through throbbing electro-confrontation, to the depths of colorful tectonic igneous patterns.

alec gordon.jpg

18.4.2024 19h30 Einlass

                                             Federico Isasti

Federico Isasti

Lo bueno no es de nadie (What is good belongs to no one) is a sound performance of drums, recited texts and interactive electronics. The set proposes a real-time dialogue between the drummer and the Argentine literary tradition of the 20th century using electronics as a tool to expand the different possible interactions between voice and drums. At the same time, the texts recited in the voice of their own authors are rearticulated as a result of the instrumental and electronic interventions: the original text becomes a hybrid text, unique, alive.
After presenting the first versions of the performance in masterclasses (Conservatorio Superior de Música "Astor Piazzolla", October 2022) and cultural spaces in Buenos Aires, Federico is accepted to work on the project in Banff Musicians in Residence, during January 2023 at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity, in Canada.
Federico Isasti: drums, electronics and composition.
Authors: recited texts (J. L. Borges, Oliverio Girondo, Jorge Cafrune, Edmundo Rivero).


S A R R A M, the ambient and post-rock vessel of Sardinian solo artist Valerio Marras, announces the release of his fifth album "Pathei Mathos" on Subsound Records, and presents the captivating title track featuring revered multi-faceted artist Lili Refrain on vocals.
S A R R A M is a dark ceremony inspired by the wild, ancient landscape of Sardinia. A crushing but yet graceful composition where drone, electronica, doom, post-rock blend to invite the listener to an intense sound journey.


Einzelne is the solo project of singer-songwriter Jack Merlin Booth who grew up between Liverpool, UK and Perth in Western Australia and is of Irish descent. Booth formerly played in a duo with Eleni Poulou (The Fall, Mark E Smith) and as the viola player in the Berlin band The Midnight Audience. Einzelne was founded in Berlin in 2022 with the aim to write, record and produce alone, functioning as a one person group relying on no musicians, engineers or instrumentation from outside, in a spirit of isolationism from the surrounding culture, informed by the ideas of John Balance.

Booth works with guitars, viola, lute, flute, shakuhachi, tape, image,
field recordings, histories and traditions.

As a project it’s current works include music, poetry, essays and

Einzelne’s primary influences are traditional Irish, Scottish and
English folk music, Béla Bartók, Luigi Nono, the 60s British Folk
Revival movement (primarily Bert Jansch, John Renbourn and Roy Harper), Nick Drake, Jackson C Frank, John Fahey, Elliot Smith, Richard Dadd and John Keats.

Dream and Deed

Based in Berlin, Germany



die kleinen ritournelle und die großen parolen der verdunkelungsmaschine / klang als tollwutsverzehrung und bildentzerrung / text als hybronemesis und wahrheitswahn / exaltationstrieb und hyperbolizismus als Stachel der bösen dunkelheitsschwirrer / denn nur die verbreitung der krankheit bringt das heilmittel hervor


My Sister Grenadine spielt minimalistischen Folk mit Liebe zum Detail. Ihre Musik ist eine Begegnung mit Klang und Sprache, Nah und Fern, Offenheit und Reduktion. Free Folk, John Cage Pop, radikale Softness.

My Sister Grenadine lebt an verschiedenen Orten. In Gegenden die eigentlich Songs sind. Sie bewegt sich zwischen Stille und Vielfalt, Fläche und Struktur, Geräusch und Melodie. Sie erzählt von schüchternen Vulkanen und heimatlosen Städten, von Neugier und Solidarität, von gekämmten Zähnen und kollidierenden Landschaften.

my sister grenadine are…

Vince Kokot: Ukulele, Gitarre, Text, Gesang
Andreas Neumann: Klarinette, Bassklarinette, Keys, Objekte, Gesang

(prior members: Frieda Gawenda, Alpha Kartsaki, Felix Koch, Sebastian Kunas, David Lima, Gisbert Schürig)

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