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Luciana Rizzo
is a sound artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Her solo sets are based on drums, feedbacks, convolutions, a kalimba, samples and field recordings that together create a personal atmosphere, where sound comes from wildness, improvisation, noise and mistakes.

The first one is a set based on samples and field recordings, electronic drums, small objects, and a kalimba, giving rise to environments, melodies, voices, and rhythms.

The second one consists of little bells, jingles, and feedback produced using the drum bodies as resonant membranes. It is an acoustic set aiming to broaden the audience's listening experience.

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15.7.2024 19h30 Einlass                              

                                       Il Teatrino dell’Irrequieto

                                                             Lac Observation

.pastoral (Berlin)

The vocal and instrumental panoply of .pastoral is established through an interdisciplinary practice. Composed of ErmenX aka Gabi Pedrosa and St. Asterión Diamantista VII, the duo experiments with musical, scenographic and visual perspectives. Eclectic style emerging from bewitched swamps, between heightened indie-folk and post-metal, .pastoral mainly adopts guitars, vocals and drums to tell narratives that are both tender and grotesque, inhabited by sensitive melodies and desperate incantations.


Il Teatrino dell’Irrequieto (Milan)

Il Teatrino dell'Irrequieto delivers eerie, fabulous and dreamy cross-disciplinary performances and happenings. Moniker of Alessandro Veneruso and part of the clandestine collective known as the Anonymous Dreamers Hiding in Disguise.



Lac Observation (Rome/Brussels/Vienna/????)

Songs of the lake folk of 1919 asteroid Québec I guess

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 11-48-27 Alessandro Veneruso That's all Folks! 📸 @radina_kordova @chiaravignandel @koeioneur Instagram.png
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