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18.4.2024 19h30 Einlass

                                             Federico Isasti

Federico Isasti

Lo bueno no es de nadie (What is good belongs to no one) is a sound performance of drums, recited texts and interactive electronics. The set proposes a real-time dialogue between the drummer and the Argentine literary tradition of the 20th century using electronics as a tool to expand the different possible interactions between voice and drums. At the same time, the texts recited in the voice of their own authors are rearticulated as a result of the instrumental and electronic interventions: the original text becomes a hybrid text, unique, alive.
After presenting the first versions of the performance in masterclasses (Conservatorio Superior de Música "Astor Piazzolla", October 2022) and cultural spaces in Buenos Aires, Federico is accepted to work on the project in Banff Musicians in Residence, during January 2023 at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity, in Canada.
Federico Isasti: drums, electronics and composition.
Authors: recited texts (J. L. Borges, Oliverio Girondo, Jorge Cafrune, Edmundo Rivero).

Anker 1

S A R R A M, the ambient and post-rock vessel of Sardinian solo artist Valerio Marras, announces the release of his fifth album "Pathei Mathos" on Subsound Records, and presents the captivating title track featuring revered multi-faceted artist Lili Refrain on vocals.
S A R R A M is a dark ceremony inspired by the wild, ancient landscape of Sardinia. A crushing but yet graceful composition where drone, electronica, doom, post-rock blend to invite the listener to an intense sound journey.

Anker 3

Einzelne is the solo project of singer-songwriter Jack Merlin Booth who grew up between Liverpool, UK and Perth in Western Australia and is of Irish descent. Booth formerly played in a duo with Eleni Poulou (The Fall, Mark E Smith) and as the viola player in the Berlin band The Midnight Audience. Einzelne was founded in Berlin in 2022 with the aim to write, record and produce alone, functioning as a one person group relying on no musicians, engineers or instrumentation from outside, in a spirit of isolationism from the surrounding culture, informed by the ideas of John Balance.

Booth works with guitars, viola, lute, flute, shakuhachi, tape, image,
field recordings, histories and traditions.

As a project it’s current works include music, poetry, essays and

Einzelne’s primary influences are traditional Irish, Scottish and
English folk music, Béla Bartók, Luigi Nono, the 60s British Folk
Revival movement (primarily Bert Jansch, John Renbourn and Roy Harper), Nick Drake, Jackson C Frank, John Fahey, Elliot Smith, Richard Dadd and John Keats.

Dream and Deed

Based in Berlin, Germany



die kleinen ritournelle und die großen parolen der verdunkelungsmaschine / klang als tollwutsverzehrung und bildentzerrung / text als hybronemesis und wahrheitswahn / exaltationstrieb und hyperbolizismus als Stachel der bösen dunkelheitsschwirrer / denn nur die verbreitung der krankheit bringt das heilmittel hervor

Anker 4

My Sister Grenadine spielt minimalistischen Folk mit Liebe zum Detail. Ihre Musik ist eine Begegnung mit Klang und Sprache, Nah und Fern, Offenheit und Reduktion. Free Folk, John Cage Pop, radikale Softness.

My Sister Grenadine lebt an verschiedenen Orten. In Gegenden die eigentlich Songs sind. Sie bewegt sich zwischen Stille und Vielfalt, Fläche und Struktur, Geräusch und Melodie. Sie erzählt von schüchternen Vulkanen und heimatlosen Städten, von Neugier und Solidarität, von gekämmten Zähnen und kollidierenden Landschaften.

my sister grenadine are…

Vince Kokot: Ukulele, Gitarre, Text, Gesang
Andreas Neumann: Klarinette, Bassklarinette, Keys, Objekte, Gesang

(prior members: Frieda Gawenda, Alpha Kartsaki, Felix Koch, Sebastian Kunas, David Lima, Gisbert Schürig)

Anker 5

Luca Atzori & Michele Poli

Overtone singing is a widespread tradition throughout the world, especially in pastoral areas. Diplophonies, resonances and harmonies are created with the voice. In this concert Luca Atzori's songs will be accompanied by the music of Michele Poli.







Federico Isasti

Drums & Composition
Mariano Sarra
Piano & Composition

NUDO is an original music duo made up of piano and drums that intends to
investigate the possible sounds of its orchestration. The languages of jazz,
contemporary music and free improvisation are articulated as influences within
the ensemble, allowing an aesthetic identity of indeterminate contours between
written and improvised music.

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Anker 2
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