19. November 2022 19h30 Einlass   Luca Atzori (Almagesto)

Luca Atzori:
Author, actor, singer-songwriter. Founding member of Mad Pride in Turin (a movement defending the rights of people with mental disorders). Started as the voice of the music group Hidre Intime, which won the Torino Sotterranea award in 2008. He studied philosophy at the University of Turin and acting with several teachers: Marco Viecca, Piero Ferrero, Valentina Veratrini, Anton Milenin, Riccardo Lombardo, and at the Turin Social Theater School. Author of the following books: "The Aberrants" (Anankelab). "Theorem of Stupidity" (Ensemble) "Gospel of the Infamous" (Heretic Editions), "A Man with Broken Eyes" (Rhizomes). He has self-produced the following records "Chi si addormenta da solo lenzuola da solo" 2017, "Mama Roque de Barriera" 2019, "Insekten" 2020, "Iperrealismo magico" (made through the Sanesi Prize in 2020), while the record "Almagesto" and "Disco per l'estate" were produced by the independent label "Radiobluenote", in 2021 the former and 2022.



Almagest is a journey, an opaque dream that narrates the Ptolemaic cosmology. The voices say something that no one can understand. Ancient and primitive songs. The geocentric perspective becomes an obsolete certainty. What was once believed to be true today is no longer true. So in this disc we explore the suggestions of an ancient knowledge, where characters like Regiomontanus and Trapezunzio, ancient mathematicians, appear. I imagine the look in the middle of the sea, in the night. The stars are far away, as is the Moon. But the mind is totally open. In that error of believing to be the center, hallucinations begin. Every mistake when it is believed to be true creates a real world. We know that Nietzsche said that the real world has become a fairy tale. That is why there are no assertions here. There is no sense. Only the opaque auditory vision of something that belongs to a time that never happened. less credits released June 24, 2021 LYR. LUCA ATZORI (IG. Luca_atzori__) MUSIC. ALESSIO CANNAROZZO (IG. Alessio.cannorozzo) MIX. ALESSIO CANNAROZZO PRESENTATION. LUCA ATZORI ARTWORK. DAVIDE BAVA (davidebava_)






25. November 2022 19h30 Einlass   Remetemen & Tibia


"I can't talking about dreams, senses, clouds and other virtual things. I'm not a writer, but i'm a musician. Early '90 i started playing music in a punk and a traditional folk band. That was my music education... I making electronic music as remetemen for 20 years. I have mani kind of styles, i like mix the style-elements, more like wading through styles. My music content lot of improvisation and always change my setup. I never repeat myself."




...took my experimental ideas & effects to a complex foundation,  improvised, noisy electric misty cloudy guitar sound-world between notes & overtones



3.Dezember 2022 19h30 Einlass   Soliball #11
Ausgesuchtestenohren & Bobby Shize (live techno)

Kostnix-Laden Soliball #11

In alter Tradition veranstalten wir wieder den legendären Kostnix-Laden Soliball!

Über zwei Jahre ist der letzte Soliball her. Viel zu lange, wie wir finden.

Worum gehts?
Der Kostnix-Laden ist ein selbstorganisierter Raum, der sich hauptsächlich über freiwillige Spenden finanziert. Wir hosten eine Party, um von den Spendeneinnahmen die Fixkosten des Ladens zu decken.

17:00 - 19:00 Workshop "Socken stopfen"
Bring deine löchrigen Socken, wir bringen Nadel und Stopfwolle und bringen dir den Skill des Socken stopfens bei. :)

20:00 Konzert "ausgesuchtestenohren"
Live-Techno von Bobby Shyze
und Auflegerei von u.a. purplepeople



10.Dezember 2022 19h30 Einlass  
                               beauchamp*geissler & puneh ansari

marta beauchamp – cello, vocals, e-bass, electronics
stefan geissler – vocals, keyboards, electronics

the duo presents elastic electronica, settings of poems, polyestrous pop.
their compositions are interspersed by détours into slow landscapes of beating frequencies and blues patterns sériels.
cutting across genres, hovering between composed and improvised, this music keeps you moving while sitting, still standing or dancing still.


"puneh ansari, *1983 in wien,

debüt "hoffnun'"erschien 2017 im mikrotext Verlag und versammelt Texte die ursprünglich FB-Posts waren,  lebt in Wien, ihr nächstes Buch "Hallo everybody"  erscheint im Jänner 2023 im mikrotext Verlag."


16.Dezember 2022 19h30 Einlass  
              Giorgio Alloatti (electronics)
                                                                           Paolo Possidente (drums + electronics)

"I've just finished to record the new EP by G4BF (Garmonbozia For Breakfast), inspired by the demon's food (called Garmonbozia) in the series Twin Peaks by David Lynch."

G4BF is a multifaceted project, with variable personnel, by musicians Giorgio Alloatti (electronics) and Paolo Possidente (drums + electronics).
They present a 45 min ca duo set, quite amorphous and noisy, fast texture changes and slow development dronic areas as well, with some broken beats appearances.


Ratschkygasse 14/1 (Eingang Erlgasse) 1120 Wien

Tel.: +43(0)681 10619938

Email: georg.stejskal@drei.at