17.11.2019   17h Beata Organa Frauenbilder

Beata Organa lädt zur Betrachtung und Auseinandersetzung mit ihren Frauenbildern.
Buffet und Getränke und musikalische Begleitung vefeinern den Nachmittag.


29.11.2019   20h30 Guillaume Gargaud

Guitarist, composer, improviser Guillaume Gargaud comes from Le Havre,

France. His eloquent and expressive playing has been heard alongside

dance and experimental cinema as well as in intimate duos formations

with pianist Burton Greene, Stephen Grew,Guy Bettini and Natalie Peters.

He also made intense duo with the drummer Marc Edwards. He's already

participated about twenty six albums with Utech Records Chant Records

and many more. He plays "solo" in Europe and the United States & Canada.

This night Gargaud will play an acoustic guitar improvisation.


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von
Bezirkskultur Meidling

30.11.2019   19h30 LAUT FRAGEN

LAUT FRAGEN machen Electro-Postpunk im Irgendwo zwischen tanzbar und weird. Gegenwärtig vertonen sie Texte aus dem antifaschistischen Widerstand, live gibt es aber eine bunte Mischung aus altem und neuem Material.

bbpb: is a bunch of useless people driven by obsessions of producing noice and self-destruction.
Based in Klagifornia

Guitar - C.
Bass - M.
Drums - M.

follow us on social media: reddit instagram

contact us at: beer@bbpb.rocks

Laut Fragen



5.12.2019   19h30 Marcelo Armani / Elafante Branco

(Wiener Liegekonzerte)


Elefante Branco (White Elephant) is the solo project of

electroacoustic improvisation developed by the sound artist Marcelo

Armani that has as its base and concepts the fields of concrete music,

minimalist and experimental music. The project is born in 2013 when

the artist feels the need to use a series of sounds and noises from

the recording of different sound landscapes captured in

urban and natural spaces. Fragments of sounds and noise

produced by machines, urban spaces, insects and animals. In live sound

performances, Armani produces in real time a series of compositions using

these fragments that are converted into small samplers and fired by electronic

equipment. Other textures generated by analog / digital synthesizers, sequencers

and effects are incorporated into the clippings of this sound landscape for the

production of layers and textures that explore the variaotin of frequencies, amplitudes and timbres. The intention is to propose the perception of volumes, surfaces and sonic spatialies that express sensations of densies, lightness, granulations, tensions, rhythms and environments that run through dimensional orders from micro to macro.