3.7.2020   19h30 Pietra Tonale

Pietra Tonale is an italian collective based in Turin and formed by about twentymusicians. The project is focused on the creation and the interaction between improvised and composed music. Since 2016 Pietra Tonale has collected several collaborations with festivals, clubs and musicians all across Europe. During this tour the collective is represented by a trio born for the occasion.


Paolo Possidente, Simone Farò and

Filippo Gillono are three italian

musicians working on improvisation,

free and live composition. Their

music is based on a dense twine of

lines that create an hypnotic

atmosphere, it sounds like a desert

shore or an industrial complex.

“If everyone’s phrasing is really

great in their own bubble, it’s

probably going to be really good in

the end”.


Paolo Possidente (drums)

Simone Farò (guitar)

Filippo Gillono (guitar)

Ratschkygasse 14/1 (Eingang Erlgasse) 1120 Wien

Tel.: +43(0)681 10619938

Email: georg.stejskal@drei.at