24.7.2021   19h00    Rozi Mákó


is a music composer and experimental music performer from Budapest. Rozi has a classical and jazz background as a pianist and began exploring music at an early stage of her life. She moved to The Netherlands and studied at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague at the Institute of Sonology. She is a member of a live electronic music duo with her sister Mári Mákó, called COMMITTEE which was selected by the Shape Platform for 2019 artist list. Also active as a techno producer as Tsering and Under The Moniker is a fresh collaboration with Bence Barta aka Noahstas, which is a noise, experimental project with free improvasition. She is organising off spot events focused of live music with Lucia Udvardyova called Noise n’ Roses. In her performances she focuses on connecting with her audience through the phenomenon of music to invite them into an unrepeatable moment by creating a unique atmospheric experience through improvisation. At present she participates in multiple music and theatre collaborations and concentrates on her upcoming debut album as well. http://rozimako.com


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29.7.2021   19h00   PHOLO &  INTEGRAL



is a multidisciplinary project formed in 2021 by a musician and two video-artists, working between Turin and Milan (Italy).
The musical performance by Paolo Possidente interacts in real time with the video artwork by Celeste Correale and Roberto Vietti.
PHOLO is focusing on the exploration of the possible interactions between sounds generated through acoustic drums, modified with electronics, and the abstract videos, dynamic visual artworks, made by the two video artists.
The electro-acoustic approach in the music combines with the glitch aesthetics in the videos.
Music and videos concur in generating an immersive moment of condivision involving performer and audience, with the purpose of exploring an unusual psychophysical state, a sense of depth that has to do with meditation.


Gloria Damijan (extended Toy Pianos) und Luisa Muhr (Stimme, Bewegung) lernten sich letztes Jahr im virtuellen Raum durch das ‚NowNetArts Lab Ensemble‘ kennen. Dieses wird von New York aus von der Dirigentin und Komponisten Sarah Weaver geleitet und hat sich im Zuge der Coronapandemie auf telematische Performances und die Weiterentwicklung der dazugehörigen Technologien spezialisiert. Luisa Muhr und Gloria Damijan sind außerdem Mitglieder des ebenfalls telematisch arbeitenden audiovisuellen ‚Dilate Ensemble‘ (www.dilateensemble.com) Nun kommt es zur ersten Zusammenarbeit mit physischer Präsenz der beiden Künstlerinnen, die dafür einen multidisziplinären Zugang zur Improvisation erarbeiten in dessen Mittelpunkt die Rückgewinnung des physischen Raumes durch Bewegung, Rhythmus und Klang steht. Dabei interagieren, transformieren, integrieren diese verschiedenen Ebenen einander, einmal dem inneren, dann wieder dem äußeren Rhythmus folgend.

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